Temporary product button

can you give me a hand, Create a button to sell Temporary product, or intangible product, that is in this way.

I’m almost 100% sure you can’t dynamically add a menu item to the ticket.

However, what what you could to is create a generic menu item, then map to it an order tag group that has “Free Tagging” and “Add Tag Price to Order Price” checked/enabled.

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While you cannot make a menu item like that you can rename an order.
Take a look at my Dail specials tutorial.
While you want ti enter the name on the fly so don’t need the specials entity screen the principles are similar.

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If it is a sample screen of how that button can be, I would like help to create it

add a default/misc menu item


add to a menu category


edit the the product properties for the category and check “Auto Select”


create order tag group with free tagging and add tag price enabled


add mapping for the above group to the misc menu item

then you can add the menu item to a ticket, add a custom/free tag and price


Using the menu item and order tag group above, you could skip adding to a menu and instead use an automation command button found on the left of the ticket view.


I think he wants something more like this?



I like that better!


Create a Custom Item product. Add it to your menu wherever you want it.

Edit the menu item and add the Custom Item automation command to it as shown.

Create this action:

And this action

Create this Rule:


You could map some order tags to it as well and it will work.

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Ok, that’s exactly what I’m looking for

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