Tendered Amount and Change Due not printing

Hi, I am new and having some trouble. Am using Samba POS4 (4.1.17 Beta) and tried everything available on the posts to get the Tendered Amount and Change Due to print on the ticket but didn’t work. I tried so much that I think my templates, actions, and rules might be tampered. (but it still prints the ticket without the tendered and change).

The other small issue is whether there is an option In SambaPOS4 to create a backup of the database so that we can retrieve it anytime we ave an issue.

Would appreciate some help on this if possible but try to simplify it as i am not an expert. I can only get around.

Thank you very much, and great software

Continuing the discussion from [New 4.1.8] Displaying Tendered Amount:

I’ve added {TENDERED TOTAL} and {CHANGE TOTAL} tags into template

This is what it prints.

I’ve changed template for better formatting numbers.

This is the result.

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Tendered Amount and Change Due is not printing despite all my attempts. I tried adding [Tendered:|{TENDERED TOTAL}] and [Change:|{CHANGE TOTAL}] but it is also not printing. Is there anything else that I can do to solve this issue. I really like the software but this issue is very important to me.

Also, how can I create back up of my database in order to restore it in case of re-installation.

Thank you a lot for your support.

Salah Iddin

Try it without the square brackets. Just use {TENDERED TOTAL}

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Thank you John!
It worked but only when I press The Print Bill rather than the Close button. Is there a way to have it print and close when I hit the Close button.
Also, what about the backup option? Is there a way to backup the entire database in order to restore it on other laptop?

Thanks always for the great support!

@ Salah​​Iddin

To backup just copy the SAMBAPOS4.sdf file from SAMBAPOS folder which will located under My document. To restore it on other laptops just pate the SAMBAPOS4.sdf file on other laptops.

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Manage - Automation - Rules - Close Ticket Rule - Select Actions

Now add Execute Print Bill Job to your actions on this rule.

Regarding backing up your database do the above if your using .sdf database. Or if your using SQL Server you can find plenty of videos on youtube or just google it.

Thank you @morshed1
That was very helpful.

Thank you @Isaac for the great assistance