Terminal printer conflict

Hi Guys having someproblems : scenario 1 server 2 terminals 1 kitchen printer
when i configure the printer at the first terminal its printing but when configuring the second terminal printer the first one wont print any more can some one help me

??? care to elaborate?

@JTRTech ? sorry what do you mean

Configuring the second printer… what are you doing to do that?
Are the serial, usb, network printers?

If they are local printers just make sure to give them the same name in windows and set samba to that name.
Samba will look to windows locally and the printer with that name so it doesnt matter where or what printer if it have the same name on both machines samba will print to it.

Im guessing your installing and calling one printer1 and the other printer2.
Printer settings are centeralised. just call it something like receipt printer on both machines and set samba to that name.

bingo is his name how did u know this

I’m guessing you have a total of 3 printers. 1 for each terminal and 1 for kitchen?
I had a similar issue to this, and did exactly what JTR suggested to you. I found that with 2 terminals, 1 which has the server running on it, connected to 1 database, on both terminals Samba simply just looks for the name of the printer installed, if the printer name matches, then it simply sends the print through regardless of whether its connected via USB, serial or Ethernet.