Terminals Issues Need Help



I have One Main Server, Two Terminals connected via LAN
Main System is an i7 PC with 16GB Ram.
Other Terminals are Tabs with 4 Core and 4 Gb Ram.


Main System Connected to Router LAN, and Other Two Terminals also via Router LAN.

Everything is working fine with connection.

But the POS on terminals are very slow and keeps crashing now and then.


Is there a way to preload the database in other terminals as well to reduce time in accessing db( I mean Menu and Departments ) from main system via lan everytime user logs in.

Doesn’t sound right.
My system is only i3 server, 8gb ram and 120gb ssd server with terminals at c2duo 3ghz, 4gb ram and 60gb ssd.
My system runs fine and has lots of custom automation and scripts etc and runs fine.
You defiantly have an issue somewhwere.

Can you pin it to a perticular event in Saba which is slow or narrow down?
Many have a slow opening entity screen due to overly complex state display formatting which can be slow if you use script/report expressions which have to run seperatly for each entity button to get the info to display.

I would look at you network, see if can find the issue.
Run some network tests for speed and ping time etc.
You say LAN but are using tablets? How are these wired to lab or do you mean WLAN?

You say LAN to the tablets but is it Wireless or Wired? I am guessing it is wireless if that is the case then you need to invest into business class wifi hardware and utilize some spectrum analyzers to decide how to get the strongest/best coverage for your area.

There is an android order taking app available that would be immune to the slowdown issue however it is strictly for taking orders you would not be able to ring up people or any advanced functions.

All the Tablets are connected via Wired LAN via Router.

Login into Terminal, Opening Table, Closing Table is Slow. Its slow only on the Terminals. Server PC is running smoothly.

Sounds like network issue.
Do tablets have lan port or using some USB adapter?
Sure it said dlink router earlier…
They offer a wide range from cheapy consumer to more higher end units but not used much dlink stuff.
PC will likely have a gigabit port, router/switch should be at least 100mb ports.
Likely issue is tablet end at a guess.
I run full gigabit on wired lan for office/admin

I am using USB to LAN adapter on Tabs.
On LAN Its a bit better though,
But on just WiFi its very slow.

Is this a performance issue of tablet or this is a Router / Network Issue.

This is my Setup.

Static IP for all Server and Terminals.

On Main Server PC - SambaV4 with 2012 ExpAdv 64Bit // Message Server 8383 Running
On Other Terminals (Tabs) - SambaV4 without any CE/Local just plain Installation // Connection string pointed to Main PC and DB // Message Server Same as Main PC 8383

Any Suggestions ?

Will there be any difference if i run v5 ?

No, v5 will unlikely run any differently.
It’s likely tablet spec or network, can say without testing.

V5 does have network performance tweaks. Upgrading could make a difference.

Thanks i will try that.