Testing Wiki Support

This topic created to test wiki support. This is a wiki post so active forum users should be able to edit it. Also we should be able to convert a post to a wiki post.

##Just try it yourself. (I just did)

Related topic.


So how do we create a wiki post?

When requested I can convert a post to a wiki post.

@emre @pipo What condition(s) will determine if the Wiki’s Original Poster (OPer) approves a ‘Request For Change or Clarification’ (otherwise referred to in this reply as RFC) ?

Which of the following serves as best criteria for approving an RFC to update the OP:

a/ A specified number of ‘likes’ from RFC Reviewers ?


b/ The OPers’ ‘like’?


c/ Both a/ & b/ ?

I see choosing a/ or c/ as a better way to scale up, speed up, and automate the Wiki Update Process (Wikup) without the OPer being over burdened with potentially high volumes of RFCs, and also make the Wikup , and the Sambapos Documentation, less susceptible to individual bias.

An RFC can be identified as one of two (2) types, and each type contain at least two (2) sections, First Quote (FQ) & Second Quote (SQ) :

1/ FQ: Contains the quoted part(s) of the OP that the reviewer is seeking for or aiming to improve understanding or explanation of :

2/ SQ: Contains either a revision of the first quote (Type 1 - RFC for Change) OR a question seeking clarification about the first quote (Type 2 - RFC for Clarification)

Note: Type 1 - RFC can either update the OP or be responded to with a new RFC. Type 2 - RFC can only be responded to with another RFC

A Reviewer can have at least two (2) roles, each with two (2) options:

1/ Review an OP and:

a/ Like it


b/ Submit an RFC

2/ Review an RFC and:

a/ Like it


b/ Submit another RFC

It may be sensible to keep track also of the Reviewers’ OP/RFC contribution approval points / Knowledge level, and when a new Wiki OP or RFC is created, send “Request for review of OP or RFCs” to the Reviewers’ that have accumulated a sufficient number of OP/RFC contribution approval points (with the option to opt out, ofcourse).

I have three (3) main questions for the above suggested change to the current Wiki update process (Wikup) :

1/ Is this ‘improvement’ even feasible?

2/ How many likes or points should an RFC receive before its SQ automatically substitutes its FQ to become integrated within in the OP?

3/ Should likes be ‘weighted’ proportionally to the Reviewer’s Wiki OP/RFC contribution points/Knowledge level or simply have a one to one ratio e.g. 1 like == 1 point which ignores the reviewer’s own contribution points or Knowledge level?

@Aryanking thank you for these great suggestions.

In my opinion crowd sourced efforts should generate no future responsibilities for contributors. When someone have few minutes they should be able to just do something and forget it.

However as you’re trying to achieve, we need to review correctness of released information and make related updates. I can coordinate it for a while. I believe a lot of people will review them as their time permits and let us know possible issues or just correct them. As we can track editing history of posts we can simply convert it to previous version is something unwanted happens.

Our current quotation mechanism cross links posts quite well. Also our forum have a ranking mechanism and active users automatically gets some moderation tools. Combined with current like / flag mechanism I think we can keep it going for a while. Improvement options strongly depends on how we’ll use it. As we encounter problems I believe we’ll be able to find most feasible solution for our community’s needs.

If we really get contributions more than we can handle we can also try hiring someone who can do it professionally.

fyi. wiki editing is not open for new users. It will be available after some activity.