Thank you to team SambaPos

Will SambaPos V5 be better than big software company products like Microsoft’s Windows 10?

Of course it will because SambaPos is made with care and love and is based on what users actually want and need unlike Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and most likely Windows 10.

What I am really wanting to say is a big thank you @Emre and all the people who have been working so hard on V5 of SambaPos and a big thank you to the great community support. It is much appreciated ! :love_letter:


Hi Aksel, your thanks appreciated from the SambaPOS community.
SambaPOS is Open Source and run by volunteers true the whole world.
The best of it, It’s free and supported by the community.
Big Company’s like Microsoft are there for the profit and not for putting a stable system on the market anyhow it looks windows 8.1 is more stable as the previous OS systems.
I have configured 2 working POS systems in 3 weeks only. With the info found on the Forum. The systems are not finalized but good workable and I will continue to make myself familiar with SambaPOS as what I see is that there are no limitations for a good Restaurant POS system. As I’m living in Vietnam and the purchased system only give me headache and nothing worked as it should be I decided to build on SambaPOS and yes you are right, thanks to @emre , @Jesse , @John and others for this excellent POS system.

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Microsoft may be in it for profits but we cannot ignore their contributions to society. I agree SambaPOS is awesome and has the best community I have been privileged to be a part of.

PS. I really do not have an issue with someone making money off excellent services. I mean I hope @emre and his team can make a great living off of this he deserves it.

I am not too convinced this is true. Consumers keep this in check.

Anyway yes SambaPOS is the best!!

Hi Jesse,
Totally agree that @Emre and his Team earn to make a great living out of this.
SambaPOS is one of the best POS systems on the market with a great future.
It would be more easier if in the SambaPOS Market were more modules to install to make life easier for the new-bees like me, and willing to pay for this. I’m now looking into the Inventory setup, but thinks can be improved to make this easier.
Have not got the clue yest how to implement in the system.
But we are moving on and I will achieve the results and share with the forum.
O yes, I am used to work on Linux Systems, as the same here, It’s open source and proven more stable as Windows.