Thanks for Valuable Support

@emre , @Jesse , @QMcKay , @Isaac Thanks all Its all ready now,for me with CID, Two Deparments, Gift certificates, Samba cards, Dell Venue Windows 8.1 as Terminal ( wireless) I think its done and all going smooth, thanks again all of u iam very satisfied and I liked the design compared with Present POS iam using now, only few things left with me

  1. How to make all phone calls through CID treat as a Take Away
    2.Still I cant made Discount any form only one discount applied to one ticket
    3.If some one came ordered takeaway a few items changed the mind to Dine In it would be great if I can change departments other than cancel all of them and re enter in different department
    4.Is there a way to Increase the font of department or Just a popup message to choose the Department

Cant wait to go live need u r valuable Help on setting those thanks again Samba Rocks…;


Awesome feedback, perhaps if the conversation gets too large we will move it to a new thread but a couple of your issues we should be able to work out for you.

This should be possible read through the forum and study up on States and Ticket Types etc. Study the rules and actions that deal with creating tickets etc.

Might need you to elaborate more on this with a new Question Thread and be detailed give us as much information as you can for us to answer you with more specific answers.

Just an idea but Instead of using a different department for Take-Away you could just use a different ticket type. This would allow you to change Ticket Type without having to cancel everything and re-entering.

My answer to #3 may make this obsolete. But you can turn on Bold fonts in Settings.