Thankyou Samba and coomunity for getting this far

Ive been asking about this for a long time, but to get transaction data to show up for a customer is great.

Here is a quick GIF of what I acheived, if anyone wants to see all the php/html/sql/jscript/rules/actions/automation commands/javascript/css I used feel free to ask me.

To get a POS system, for pretty much free that can achieve this which large companies spend millions of dollars in devlopment for is great

And yeah I know that the website table doesnt look great atm, still working on it, but still it looks amazing for me!


Looks pretty neat!

Could you talk me through the flow of the loyalty system you have? Its something ive been thinking of implementing for some time now. We used to do card stamp loyalty but found it was being abused.


Ok, pretty much I have it set to every time a drink is purchased the customer entity gets 1 “stamp” regardelss of the price of a drink. When the Customer reaches x amount of stamps, Ive got it set to 6, I map a gift button to the orders and that drink is free.

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Aha I get that. I might implement that idea too. Without the screen you have. Sounds quite a simple set up actually.

When you say map the gift… does it map just 1 item or If they bought more than one would it gift the whole transaction?

Ahh wait you map just the gift button?

Just one Item. I have a gift button which comes up, when the customer points is <6 and when you press it, it puts the next item which is purchased free

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Would you be able to make up the database file for me to check out on my test system? I think I understand how you mean but I’d like to see how you do it and edit for my needs?


I’ll need to remove a lot of information before I send my datbase, but sure ill get it up

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You can just extract the rules action and automation commands in the export under database tools.

No sensitive information need Come across

DeJaBrew :ok_hand::ok_hand:

That’s one awesome name !

This is the setup I used pretty much.