The benefits of SambaPOS

Hi, I am a restaurant owner and I am about to purchase SambaPOS, I noticed this article:
which recommends on Aledo, Lavu, and Revel.
Please, can you describe the benefits of SambaPOS systems?
Thanks in advance!

The main benefit SambaPos has is its flexibility. You can virtualy customize your software anyway you want. For a single restaurant it’s very scalable. Since you can add features that on other POS’s would be charged as add-on products (Staff payments, Kitchen DisplaySystems KDS, Reservation modules, a relatively strong inventory module, cash control, basic accounting reporting and registration). You can do a lot of automation as well (Features like automatically sending reports or messages to customers, caller id, setting products to activate for certain amount of time, programming and scheduling promotions, price reductions and more) and you can also integrate with 3rd party software (web pages, deliveries, etc) and if you manage to use the data generated by samba you could do advanced analytics as well. On the front end side, it is super user friendly for your staff.

Samba develops over a big community and if you have the time and dedicate yourself to learn it you wouldn’t even need a special guy to give you technical support. Samba is being used in over 120 countries and over 130 000 restaurant use it to run their operations. This is the 5th version of the software so they know their game.

I really recommend it, its only downside is that they don’t offer a chain configuration, so local data bases could bring you trouble if you plan to grow. On the other side, because of samba’s flexibility, you could solve this if you have the people or the knowledge to do it. There’s a link somewhere in this forum that talks about samba’s best feaures according to its users

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We do not have chain support now but we are working on it and will release it sooner than you think.


I think @aviator did a good job of summing it up the flexibility of SambaPOS.

If you could list what you would like in a POS we could tell you if it’s possible.