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I tried creating an additional menu before and, even with Nizamettin helping me, it was a nightmare and didn’t work; we gave up.
What I’m trying to achieve is a set menu using choices from the usual a la carte menu but, at a set price.
For example: If a soup is normally a Euro but it is included, free of additional charge, in a set meal, how do I register the sale so that a ticket is printed in the kitchen but, the customer is only charged for the set meal, not for the soup individually? So, the waitress would place the customer’s order, the soup (and the other choices) order would arrive in the kitchen and the customer would see it on his bill included in the set menu price. The customer’s bill might look like this:

Beer 2€

Menu A 10€
*** Soup**
*** Cheese Burger**
*** Ice-cream**
*** Coffee**

Cigarettes 2€

Total 14€

Your thoughts will be much appreciated.

Thanks, that isn’t what I’m trying to achieve though. What I’m trying for is a set menu using choices from the usual a la carte menu but, at a set price for all of the customer’s selection.

i’m not tech-savvy enough, I guess. I’m fine at running a restaurant.

And if you try a product with modifiers? Maybe it’s not the best for inventory control, but it’s easy to set up and you select everything from the same screen for the waiters.

I’ll look up product with modifiers in the manual and see if it helps. Everything with Sambapos is so complicated, you’re expected to be a Sambapos software/Windows/MS 10/networking/bluetooth/and God knows what else expert in everything to achieve such ordinary tasks; probably better stick to a pen and paper.

I know it’s hard to understand, because I’m also in the first steps. But once you understand how to configure it you discover that you can put the menu however you want. In this case with modifiers it is quite easy to do. The only thing as I told you before, you will not be able to keep track of the items that you put as modifiers.

I can accept that, thank you. Can you tell me how to make a menu in Sambapos that will be a set-price menu?

I am not sure what you mean, this is exactly what you are looking for.

Grouping orders into Menus/Meals. Slight adjustments and it will work for your case with no issues.
And youll be able to keep track of the items via inventory.

Its designed so you can configure it however you want (which makes learning curve big), with whatever peripherals devices you want to use. You are not limited to a specific brand of hardware.

At the end of the day this is community forum, people contribute and answer questions here out of their own free time and passion. You are always welcome to get someone on a retainer to solve the problems you encounter.

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The adjust order price is probaby what you want, just without the grouping youll see on Jesse example.
You would have starter/main/dessert as the combo,
Using something like order states to pick out the courses.
Its not a simple config.
The modifiers options would work but youll have essentialy 2 menus to maintain as would have to duplicate products into tags and also kitchen printing from that will not be likes by kitchen as would result in
Order 1

  • starter
  • main
  • dessert

Order 2

  • starter
  • main
  • dessert

Order 3

  • starter
  • main
  • dessert

Unless you get real creative with a print template.

Other option would be opting for method of price list where you strategicly price courses to equaite to the fixed price ie if 3 course was 20
All fixed price tickets would have price list with starters at 5, mains at 10 and desserts at 5 or whatever works with your setup.

Other would be similar to above with a fixed price order product at the right price then actual orders at 0

Bothe those options are very reliant on staff processing order corectly.

Most streamlined setup would be a version of combo using adjust price.

What your describing isnt a simple setup and another software that has similar option would likely have many constraints on it, the complexity in samba in theory lets you work past that but does require some work.

Something like this will always have neishes that cant be a premade setup, youll want it to work differently to the next person in some way.

I do appreciate your time and passion for the Sambapos forum and I don’t have the option of retaining a specialist locally. I’m sorry if I caused offence.

Many thanks, I’ll have another look at the Jesse Combo but I’m pretty sure it is beyond my capabilities.

What im saying is a system with premade solution would require the deal to be constructed to suite the preset constraints where in theory while more knolage/work needed in samba generally you can make samba fit your needs rather that needing to change your needs to fit what syatem is preconfigured to do.

There are simpler methods but always trade offs.
That if dome right would be automated and seamless but more work.
Tradeoffs on other methods les complex to setup would be more maintenance of menu or more reliance on staff processing when ringing in.
Questions to answer are pretty standard, how long is the deal going to be in place and what is your timee worth.
Short term, a simpler bodge that required bit more effort by staff or maintinance of menu which is less of an issue if short term deal.
If long term menu, invested time now saves time in the long run.
Relying on staff is always a big one so comes down to is it worth the time now for long term or bodge for the short term.
Additionally the skill learnt now may be usefull for future endevours :wink:

I’m going to use a combo of new FOC menus and pen & paper. Thank you for giving my question so much thought. It is clear from your advice that I should follow the KISS rule.
Thanks again, much appreciated, you’ve saved me a ton of time and frustration.

Similar to our banquets for a Chinese restaurant. The way I’ve done a work around is to clone dishes in the same sub category but label them BQ
e.g. Bq-ck curry and have them at a zero price.
Then have a sub menu tag for normal and banquet
I’m sure you could have a sub menu tag for MDJ
Hope that makes sense and you can get sorted.

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