The problem with the service charge

Hello. I have a problem with service charges in menu items. When i used this tutorial, When I used this tutorial, I ran into the problem - in the final account is displayed not 10% of the total check, but 4, 5, 8, 12, 16 % etc. I need only 10% serice charge to marked items.

Not following.
Please provide examples.

I think the complaint is that after adding the service charge the ticket total updates but the amount of the surcharge is not displayed.

If that is the issue then @pipneogen needs to be clearer on where the service charge is not appearing…
Does the service charge appear on the bottom left of the settle screen?

If the problem is just that the charge is not appearing on the ticket, then please copy and paste your ticket template so we can check if you have added the service calculation correctly.

I’m sorry. Pls look at this screenshots

I’m added some screenshots, pls look at this

Im going to guess its to do with the waay you have the calculation setup (as a rate rather than fixed amount)
How are you calculating it and can you show the config for the calculation?