The quickest/easiest way of setting up same system for another branch

Hi all,

I am now in the process of setting up a new branch of my coffee shop and wanted to use the same sambapos setup we currently use in our existing branch.

What would be the easiest way of doing this and having all the same menu information, order tags, printer templates and all settings etc. to be the same on the new system, or would I have to do it all manually. The new menu and options will be almost identical to the new system.

I’m hoping there’s some ‘Copy and paste’ type of feature. Thanks in advance.

Create a database backup and restore it on other system.


Thanks emre. Much appreciated.

Hi, I have backed up the database on my sql 2012. On the new system, it is 2014 sql. Will it still work or do the versions have to be the same?


Hey Wacky

to the best of my knowledge, with sql if you have 2012 and you install it to 2014, it will still work. 2014 will convert the data for use automatically.

Mind you, if you try the reverse, it may not work.

Hope this helps