Thermal Printer Issues

Does anyone have any experience with similar issue?
Both kitchen printers seem to have developed this issue while I was away for the week.
I came back to them jammed half open with the cutter extended.
I’ve obviously delt with similar jam before and winding the cog under front cover to retract the cutter and free up lid, remove jam and seems ok.
HOWEVER on powering back on it jams right back up.
If it was just one printer I would have put it down to a bad printer that might be faulty but it’s happened to two printers in quick succession.
Have other printers of same model fine.
Haven’t ruled out missuse/staff error but since it was two in succession am trying to work out if it’s something stupid I’m missing.

Strange it would happen in just one location and not others, definitely lends itself towards misuse.
However a couple of things to check:
Has the paper roll been changed (i.e from a different supplier/brand)
Any debris got inside the printer (you would have to strip it down to do a proper check). Dried grease would probably cause this issue.
Unlikely other cause could be a recent firmware/software update on the printers, all though I would assume this hasn’t been done.

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Thanks for the tips.
Will have a better look on Monday, only had a quick look when popped in on way home from holiday. They have reverted to write tickets and getting by so can wait till back at work.