Thinking of changing to this POS Software and needing to know if I can add some sort of Loyalty System

I really a Loyalto system from this POS Software in order for it to be viable for me.

  1. Loyatly System
    I had a custom solution before when I could assign members and the current amount of stamps they have. When they reach a certain number it provides a free product and resets the number. As well it prints the remaining amount of stamps they need on the receipt.
  2. Upload to mySQL databse…
    Store member data in a mySQL databse. Ive made a PHP website which connects to this databse to show a customer how many drinks they need based on there unique number.

SambaPOS does not use MySQL it uses MS SQL

Please take the time to utilize the search function of the forum 99% of your questions are answered already in very detailed discussions. Also check out the Tutorials section. Once you dig in you will find that SambaPOS can do just about anything.