Thoughts about this as a POS Register

I’m looking to get this as a POS register, I can get it for ~$130 USD
It seems to be quite sturdy has a good touch screen.

Even the ad for it mentions things about using it as a POS

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Yes this will be fine

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Would you rate it? Does fine mean will just cope or be ok?
Have looked at similer but not tried one yet.

Reviews on Amazon for that system are terrible, especially regarding the Touchscreen.

If it comes default with 5400rpm HDD and 2GB ram, you need to upgrade those immediately, and it says it only supports up to 4GB, but that should be enough.

Don’t have any experience with this spec system, but I was just responding that it will work. I think @QMcKay sums it up nicely, if the reviews are bad on Amazon and if it’s a 5400 rpm HDD then definitely not ideal unless for the most basic of setups.

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I didnt look too deeply at the specs was just looking for clarification on your ‘will be fine’, like I said there is ‘works’ and works well’.
Just been mulling in the back of my mind about going forward.
The seperates setups Ive done are good value and good margin but hard work in sourcing reliable supply. As we discussed a while back about the systems you use, while I would love to push and get in on that level I am still trying to find a way to fit into the more budget type system as believe its an area of high demand - which is a mute point as if it was easy their would be the supply to match the demand LOL.
I’ve just been spoilt by a few cracking deals on usff dells and touch screens I guess :slight_smile:

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Yes JTRTech you should be wearing a balaclava!

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If he can upgrade that HDD to ssd. He should be fine with just 2gb ram. I’ve been testing them out as a basic standard recommendation. But for the future I’d probably recommend to get the ram upgraded. But its very limited upgrade. So in one sense it will do the job but future upgrade may jot be possible without modifying the system with a different motherboard and CPU that can take more power

I’m not using Asus, but it’s a brand you can trust. Good luck.

I agree there is demand for budget type systems, we always get customers looking for systems cheaper than we could supply and make a profit. I saw some very cheap all in one systems before from China but you can’t reliably sell those as spec can change anytime without your knowledge (even in same batch), can’t guarantee long term (or even short term!) reliability, electrical safety is also a concern plus you got no warranty. So for me, even I sell some cheaper China made terminals, they are all purchased through a local supplier who provides warranty and after sales service to me.

As you say, dealing with refurbished systems in general, you can’t always guarantee to get the stock or at the same price. And holding a large amount of stock also isn’t ideal.

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