Three department auto logout

Hi great team and happy new year,
I have three departments ,
2.Bar and
3. Rooms
how can I configure the system that a waiter can make the three orders from all departments at once without being logged out after every new order per department.

Hi @JOSHUA2019,

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Unfortunately, you can not change departments while the ticket is open. You will have to close the ticket, select the new department and reopen the ticket. A user will not have to logout…unless there is automation in place that does that automatically.

Could you explain a little more what you are trying to accomplish? Other users might have a different solution to solve your problem.

Thanks Bob_be,
I have these three departments and I find it very hard for my waiters mostly in busy hours to keep logging in three3 times to make three orders from the three departments

Every time a waiter need to make three different orders for the three departments, its time consuming leading to poor and slow services.
If there is any way to automate it for an easier flow I would really appreciate that.
Please help me out on this

You may want to not use departments and use Ticket Tags instead. What are the 3 departments. Departments were designed to create completely different reporting. It really sounds like maybe you need to use Ticket Tags instead.

Or if you do not need to combine them into 1 ticket use Ticket Types to quickly switch between.

BTW by default switching departments does not log out a user. Its still a bit confusing what you want. Can you explain more of your business case?

We are still not sure what your flow is. You have not really explained it. We can try to guess but it would be better if we didnt have too.

Is it the menu the waiters need to access in the different departments?

Would something that would allow the waiters to change to a different departments menu be something your are looking for? They would not need to log out or close the ticket, just change the on screen menu.

Do you have reports that are department based? If so, the above method would interfere with the reports. With the above method, any order added to the ticket would be recorded from the department they are in when they add orders. Even if they changed to a different department menu.

This is the solution I want, the problem is that my reports are department based.

Thanks Jesse,
With the three departments i want to issue the customer with one bill, report to be departmental based.
I put all waiter machines to auto logout to control the next user from using the the previous user account incase they forget to press log out button.
In this case every order made from a department will autologout upon submitting every order demanding them to login again inorder to place an order to the other department

Ok first can you explain what the departments are for. Why are you using departments… what are they?

Actually they are four departments

1.Beer Bar
2. Hard drinks
4. Restaurant.
I am using them to manage stocks/inventory, reports and control which macine (station) a user can use to access different department according to the role assigned to them.
And need to switch beteen them with ease when one customer steps in and orders four items from each department.

Ok well using departments for that is a bit not normal, however I must enforce the fact that if you use departments you will NOT be able to combine items from each department into 1 ticket, that is impossible. No automation is available for doing that since it is by design that it is impossible.

I think maybe you should think about using Ticket Tags and Order Tags for this. You can easily edit your custom reports for what you need. Inventory can be managed between menus and products based on tags as well.

Am able to combine them to one ticket


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You can’t if they are departments. If you are able too then your not actually using departments and we have no way to really help you until your clear about what your doing.


Hi Jesse, please see the department flow above

Hi @JOSHUA2019 ,

why did you decide to use Departments for this instead of change menu action that you can use in many different ways?

What sort of reporting and user access problems did you face?

With 8 years of experience with SambaPOS, I can tell you with confidence that use of Departments for this case is not the way to go. Other than few global settings, they are very limited and there are many different ways to structure things in SambaPOS.

Hi, posflow,
I thought would work until i noted that reporting is a problem, managing user ticket is a disaster too and many other setbacks. Please guide me on menu actions

its hard to report per department since at the end all the departments will drop the tickets to the same table coz i want to have one customer bill from all the departments.
the users have difficulties switching from one department to another to access menu items , slow since it keeps on logging out while switching to other menus and a challenge when searching for a product, we cant search for a product outside the active menu and so on.

Reporting is a problem because you can only have one department type per ticket type.

Department is assigned when ticket is created. And even if you add products from different departments, it will stay under original department you created the ticket in. Same goes for Orders.

In the end you can have very misleading reports.
So I guess your reporting problem is that you need one ‘higher’ category that is more broad then Product GroupCode?

I’ll send you some ideas how to manage multiple menus, if multiple menu is really what you need.

Thanks a lot ill really appreciate