Ticket Calculation on top of existing ticket calculation

so there is a action for creating a caluclation Update Ticket Calculation
now i have set a rule for when one of my product portion is triggered (bottles of alcohol in this case) that it instantly does a reduction of 400 but now when you add a second bottle on the table it doesn’t add any reduction anymore, is there a solution for this?


the action i used

and the rule i used

Calculations are Ticket-based (not Order-based), so I doubt you can use the same Calculation more than once on a Ticket… but show your Calculation Type configuration anyway.

You could use instead, an Order Tag, or an Update Order action to make the reduction occur on a per-order basis.

I would prefer an Order Tag with a negative Price, using a Tag Order action in your Order Portion Changed rule. You should also check the Portion in the Rule to remove the Order Tag (Untag Order action) if the Portion is changed back from something other than Bottle.

Thanks @QMcKay, hadn’t thought of using negative price order tag to do the reduction, this would indeed solve my problem. Once i’m at work i will try it and let you know the results.

So after some long days i finally got to test it and it indeed works in my case i just needed to modify my ticket template a bit to my personal likings but doing the reduction by using order tags works great. Thanks @QMcKay

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