Ticket Calculator Seclector behaviour?

Hi @emre

We have designed a “cash out” facility (common practise) by use of calculation selector. The result however looks weird on the Settle Screen:

The $10 Cash out is spread over the 2 items which it typically does if there I just 1 item. The Ticket screen looks like this:

Is this correct behaviour?
Is there a way not to show it as an additional cost on each line item?


Yes it is correct behavior. All additions (tip, servicing, etc) and deductions (discount, promotion,etc) spreads to lines so if you use that screen to settle by choosing orders, you can divide total amount properly.

Think it like I ate pizza($12), friend ate burger ($13) we gave $5 tip. Now I want to pay my pizza and friend want to pay his burger.

You can use that setting to see better numbers there.

See Payment Screen Prices section of this document.