Ticket changed. Your latest changes not saved Dialog

V5 PRO. Registered user. 2 Terminals. No issues until today – all of the sudden tickets are unable to close. Get dialog box that says, “Ticket changed. Your latest changes are not saved.” and changed inputted by staff are discarded.

We run a printer-less environment, and only Status is updated on Ticket Close. Other forum topics do not seem to work.


Re-installing SambaPOS 5.3.1, 5.3.6, 5.5.0 - no luck
Re-starting computer - no luck
Restoring from MS SQL backup - this seem to kick me out of Registered stated in to Unregistered trial

We are not using any Print Jobs or Printing Actions. This is my Ticket Closing Rule (just status updates):


Are the same tickets being opened on multiple terminals?

Had the same issue solved by using dB backup but it keeps appearing I don’t know what causes the problem.
How do you know exactly what was not saved or which user never saved that ticket is not clear on samba
This problem keeps appearing.