Ticket closed but balance still appearing due

We just closed a ticket, printed the invoice and its items have been added to the sales report but the still appears as open and the balance appears unpaid. What could be the issue?

Ticket will show on sales report as soon as submitted.
Tickets can be closed without payment if on a table/customer

Payment was made in full and the Table was settled.

  • A Ticket was Printed showing full payment
  • It was added to the sales report
  • After this, the table remained Open and the Balance was still due
  • Voiding this ticket reduced the sales by the same amount

Please clarify is sales or payments you refer to?
These are seperate, sales doesnt = payment, sales will show when ticket is submitted, not paid. Payment comes seperatly.
I think a likely cause may be having a ticket opened on more than one terminal raising the question when closed as to which one gets priority.

Possibly, though only one user was able to settle tickets at the time this happened

I dont understand the question so I’ll just expand on this.

  • The Ticket was still open (after being settled in full) and the sold items were showing in the Item Sales Report.
  • The table was still Red, indicating that payment was not made

But a user can login on multiple terminals at the same time…
Plus it’s not about payment if this is the case.
If you open the same ticket at same time on two tills.
Add an order on one and pay on the other the original total, what happens here… I dont know the answer but obviously there is a question on conflict.

What I’ve been trying to explain is sold doesnt mean paid…
A sale shows once a ticket is submitted, not after payment… payment doesnt effect sales, only payment totals.

We would need some screenshots or it will be really hard to help. We can only guess what you have done. This doesn’t happen by default so something must be configured wrong.

Can you show your Before Ticket Closing rule and your Ticket Closing rule?