Ticket crashed after paid

A user had created a ticket on Thursday, they had one item void (using admin tag) and the screen is showing the ticket as paid but there is no way to close the ticket. Meaning one user account cannot be used. Was able to end work period so no problem there, just wonder how I get use of the user account back. There’s no option to add, remove, settle. The only button option is logout.

Thanks in advance.

Need more info to work out the issue.

Can you confirm which version of samba your using?
Show screenshot of whole screen so we can see the ticket states.

Did you setup yourself?

When you say you cant use the use account can you explain? Am guessing you mean the closed ticket is being opened when you login?

The programme is SambaPOS 4.
Exactly that, so when the user logs in this is the screen showing. There’s no option to do anything other than log out. I’ve tried to delete the user but can’t be done while they have a ticket open. It shows as the ticket having been paid.

Thanks so much

We no longer support v4.