Ticket Custom amount discount

I could find only item custom discount amount, ticket total fix amount.

Is there any Ticket total custom discount amount? I been away for a while, but one of my friend recently want me to setup SambaPOS for her. Trying to get back all the memories…

Thank you in advance.

To be more specific, I would like that when i hit “Discount %” button, it will show me 2 choices

  1. Custom discount by percentage
  2. Custom discount by amount

Then I can type in any discount in want.

Thank You

I would start with creating 2 Buttons.
One for % Discount and one for Amount Discount.
Once both working I would change the button into a Question and fire the automation command.

Search the forum on Discount and Yes / No question to start.

Maybe one of the more experienced members can help you out a easier way, but this is how I would start to understand the process.

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