Ticket Explorer Widget: Perminate Filters for Each Widget

Might be an odd request but I would like the ability to LOCK in the column filters on the Ticket Explorer Widget for unique screens.

EDIT: Would also like it to LOCK in any columns that I take out of the view. I would like to take out the Entity Types Columns and it be permanent each time I press my button to look at the explorer.

Example of use:

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Bumping this I would like to see this sometime.

Yeah sorry I forgot to mention that. Just give a unique name to your widget and it will save filters fine :slight_smile:

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Ah very nice. Thank you.

Hmm I cannot seem to get it to work. I named the widget and it is still not saving the filters.

EDIT: Ok it seems to work for the Default Ticket Explorer Lister now that I have named the two widget Ticket Explorers. But it seems the widgets are not storing their value. I put a filter on the default Ticket Explorer from Menu and it stuck without affecting the two custom widget ones I made. But any filters or changes I add to the custom widget ticket explorer’s do not stay.

EDIT: I was wrong again. Its not sticking there either. After logging out and back in it did not save the filter in even the default ticket explorer. This is fine I did not want it to stick on this anyway, just the widgets.

EDIT: If i set a filter… Set a unique name for widget. And hit main menu then press department button to go view widget again it will still show the filter… but if I set a filter and then press a different department button and then go back to the Ticket Widget screen the filter disappears. Or if I log out it disappears.

It persists filters while exiting sambapos so if you refresh widgets before it will loose values.

Try this. Set your filter and immediately restart SambaPOS.

Worked thank you. Good tip to know.

Woop now I have another issue. Its not saving unique filters for unique widget names. Its saving the same filter across all Ticket Explorer widgets.

Done. Should work fine on next update.

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@emre works great with 4.1.55 just tested. I now want to bother you with 1 more request. The filter drop down selector for Open Tickets or All Tickets etc. Is there a way we can Lock this as well? Example My refunds screen I have designed… I want it to default to All Tickets when I enter the Entity Screen I do not want to view open tickets at all. Matter of fact if we could disable that bar completely within the widget settings and manually tell it what to display would be even better. Similar to how you have buttons to select various options for the Customer Entity widget.

Bumping for my last request.

I saw it. Thank you :slight_smile:

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