Ticket Exporer Shows Void Items


Hi guys, I have been using ticket explorer for displaying my open orders, when I click on a order it shows all the items of that order but it also shows items that have been voided, is their any work around for this maybe the voided items could be displayed with a label as voided or maybe not display at all. What do u guys think?


This wont be changing in v4, its not getting any more updates.
It shows them because they are submitted orders, they will show as void if you open the ticket. Ticket explorer is just a quick preview of the ticket.


I have not used version 5 yet, do u know if this feature is available in 5.


Also I havent been able to save custom reports as csv or xlsx files, I searched the forums and found that export to excel is only available in 5, Am I right export to excel is not available in v4 for custom reports ?


The ticket lister widget for entity screens (at least in v5) allows you to set template using same formats as ticket prints.

Export not sure, never had custom reports on v4.
You would export to csv which is a simple file which will open in excel


Yes the exports feature is only in v5 and yes you can export to csv excel file.