Ticket get closed automatically when another ticket is closed on another termina

I have 2 terminals and ticket are getting automatically closed when another ticket is closed on another terminal

Another ticket? Or you mean ipening same ticket on two terminals?
Please explain a but better?

Its another ticket. Two terminals punching different orders and when any of the terminal closes its ticket the other terminal ticket automatically gets closed. Using the latest [5220]version

You must have some kind of automation causing that. It is not doing that by default I know since I am using the same version with multiple terminals. Are you setup with SQL Express and do you have any ticket closing automation?

Is it doing it every single time? Can you show an example?

@Jesse I also have installed the same version for many other clients with multiple terminals and does not face any issue. This client, when rush occurs at both terminals the issue popups up and otherwise it acts very fine. the only addition i have in Ticket Closing rule is multiple print jobs as i need to print same item in multiple kitchens

Solved the problem by disabling Message Server

Odd message server shouldn’t cause that.

I had this problem of a ticket getting automatically closed when another ticket on another terminal is closed with Windows Terminals. I disabled the Message server and the problem was resolved. However with a new customer I have one Windows 7 terminal which runs as the server and has the Message Server and 3 Android Clients. I upgraded sambapos with the latest version yesterday and since then i am facing the same issue. If a new ticket is open in the winodws terminal (server) and another user opens a new ticket on android client and closes it, the ticket which is open in the server terminal automatically gets closed and ticket gets printed with the items from both the android client and the items that were added in the windows terminal

What could be wrong? With pervious version it as working fine. This issue popped up after updting sambapos to latest version. Is there any rule thats creating the issue

If i disable Message server on the Windows terinal(server) will the problem get resolved?

Expect updating just reinstalled and enabled message server again.
Is it just when closed on Android app this happens or does a terminal closing a ticket also make the other close.
Sounds like you have some automation doing something unexpected which will be hard to diagnose without more info.

It sounds like you may have a save ticket action on a ticket closing rule without proper constraint maybe?

If it was message server we would see it in others systems mine included. Have you tested with a default database?