Ticket Header Formats

I have some questions on Ticket Header.

After implementing “Loyalty Points” of course I would like to optionally display how many points have been accrued. If points do not exist [Points=0, Points=null, Points custom field does not exist] Do not show in Header.

Here is what I have now:

The Display Format for Customer:

So can anyone help?

Note: I have used “Pts:” because this Display format is used on Button Captions which make the Captions a bit long and text too small if I use the full description “Points:”. I thought about using automation but I do not wish for a pop-up to say “Your Points are:” - that is Pointless (nice pun), as I wish operators to encourage spending by saying “Hey you have xxx points want to use them now?”

More clarifications:

  1. Have I assumed correctly where I have indicated “Ticket Status” or is this “Order Status” - fundamental and basic I know but as I said it for me and on lookers.

  2. Have I assume correctly where I have indicated “Ticket State” or is this “Order State”.

  3. Lastly is there any benefit to install Samba Market “Shell Subtitle” to achieve optional formatting? Below is a reference to the crazy things @RickH has gotten up to with Shell Subtitle and also the best link for reference:

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Paul

I dont think we have the formatting available to hide things when there is a null value like we can in printer templates in the ticket header

  1. Yep you are correct they are ticket states, order states show under the individual orders added to the ticket

  2. I say yes install the shell subtitle module lol i mainly use it to update the ticket total everytime an order is added or removed as its clearer than the “balance” at the bottom if the ticket, and we can format it how we like

Maybe @emre could suggest or implement a way to hide null values in the format field, i dont think its possible at the moment

Thanks @RickH , you are a champion :trophy:, and love your work on the custom keyboard stuff!

You have given me an idea but - Can we use “{ }” templates in Ticket Header or actually Entity Display Format like we can in Order Display Format? Thinking now from reading its only field names in the format “[field]” …

I think its just field names in that bit, but the header that i use you can use the printer templates with the { } brackets :slight_smile:

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Yes Using Application Subtitle is a great solution. We don’t have optional formatting for Entity Display Format.