Ticket Lister Date Range Expressions

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to user Date Range for the Ticket Lister?


Something like this
Date > StartDate <> EndDate

Maybe something like this…

As per Emre - OK That was easier than I thought. At least SambaPOS infrastructure permits such modifications. I’ve added support for easily typing date expressions as TicketDate is Today+1 or TicketDate > Now . It supports much more than it seems so you can just ask me how specific filtering expressions (not wildcards :)) can be written…


Yeah Ive tried but I am looking to use a date range instead. So I can get tickets listed for lets say October 2020 or so

Its definitely possible, just requires some scripting. Did you check out the second post by Mark?

@josephrussell yes I did, but even from Emre’s post Ive seen that it only allows expression for Today-xNumberOfDays.

See, creating a script to get This Month worth of ticket is absolutely fine, but if I want to do December 2020, Today - xNumberOfDays is not going to work.

So if you want to do a range you can use an AND operator which is functional as of v4.

Might be missing something but still thinking it’s possible.