Ticket Lister Group Code Sorting

Hello guys,

My Idea is to create another entity screen for the chef so he can see how many orders there is for other departments.

I’ve created three Ticket Lister on one screen to separate an order into different courses like Starters, Main Meals & Desserts, usually one group per Ticket Lister.

My question… how do I filter the three Ticket Listers to show only certain Kitchen Groups.

I tried using the line {GROUP CODE} is Starters in the Ticket Lister Settings under “Order Filter” but that doesn’t work (actually make all ticket listers crazy, when you clean settings again and go to POS it freezers and you have to hard close program)

Thank You

Try ‘{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Starters’

that worked! how do I add more groups? ‘Starter,Main Meal’ ? is what is the correct separator?

Try ‘{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Starters’ && ‘{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Main Meal’

I’m not sure if that’s correct.

No sorry that doesn’t work

Try and instead of && so

Try ‘{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Starters’ and ‘{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Main Meal’

No it doesn’t work either, sorry

Your Group Code will not be ‘Starters’ and ‘Main Meal’ at the same time. You need an OR condition if you want to list both types at the same time…

'{GROUP CODE}' is 'Starters' OR '{GROUP CODE}' is 'Main Meal'

'{GROUP CODE}' is 'Starters' || '{GROUP CODE}' is 'Main Meal'
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Mine looks like this but unfortunately doesn’t work…

you see any mistakes?

`’{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Kiddies’ OR ‘{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Starters’ OR ‘{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Salads’ OR ‘{GROUP CODE}’ is ‘Side Orders’``

I don’t see any mistakes, but…

Try this:

'{GROUP CODE}'=='Kiddies' || '{GROUP CODE}'=='Starters' || '{GROUP CODE}'=='Salads' || '{GROUP CODE}'=='Side Orders'
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That seems to work will check out on all screens quickly.

A big thank you to @Jesse for the quick reply and @QMcKay You guys bridge the divide we seem to have on this forum.

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