TIcket Lister Sort by custom Fields

I have a Customer entity. Primary Field Phone no. and I have a custom field for customer name,

On my ticket lister I need to sort by this custom field (customer name) insted of their phone no which is what is happening.

Assuming Custom Data field is called Name, try this:

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Name}

That seems to work!

can we sort this by the time the order state name changed?

what should be the syntax; this doesn’t work:
‘served’ is the order state name in the ticket lister

What is the State Group Name?

You could try, the same as my previous screenshot:

{ORDER STATE:stategroup} where stategroup is the State Name (not the specific State itself)

I do not know if this will work since we a talking about a Ticket Lister (Ticket-level, not Order-level), but it is worth a shot.

it is a display state, i use in my KDS-action and rule
{OST.display} doesn’t do the trick

so i need to find something on ticket level…

Sorry, where are you getting OST. from? Is that Ticket Lister filter syntax for Order State?

Try in the Order by name value box (see screenshot in my first reply), the following:

{ORDER STATE:display}

i use OST.display in a report;= that gives me the time i changed the order state

i want to sort orders, so the first order that came in that display state, remains on top of my list
that is not the same as ‘last order’, because that is the time the order was registered

Show your Report in full.

sorry for the confusion
don’t need a report
trying to sort tickets in ticket lister by time a display orde state has changed

I understand. But Report Tags are a lot like Printer Tags. That is why {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Phone} works for sorting… it is a Printer Tag.

What I am getting at is that you might be able to use {REPORT xxx ...} tags/syntax in that Sort box.

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Unfortunately report tags will not work here.

@steakresto sounds like you want to sort tickets by last update time…

Yes, can’t find solution

Is it possible allready, or will it be…?

I’ve added sorting tickets by last ticket update time for next version (.55). Hope it helps.


I thought I would try and clear up something. Report syntax doesnt always mesh with Printer Tag syntax. Expressions like OST.display may only be report tag expressions or fields and typically wont work as a printer tag. I mean OST.Display was probably specific for inside a report tag by itself it may not do anything.


Just trying another setup trying to sort by {CREATION MINUTES} but its not working.
I have also tried {TICKET DATE}

What is not working? The timer seems to be working fine. You resurrected a post 1 month after it was discussed just about all of us forgot what it was about and then you didnt ask anything and provided virtually no supporting information so I am not sure what you expect us to say?

This post was about sorting by custom field… so how does {CREATION MINUTES} or {TICKET DATE} fit in with this discussion?

Sorry not trying to brow beat you I want to help you but I cant understand your problem with what you provided.

Apologies, I will open a new topic for this.