Ticket lister widget scrolling

When trying to scroll through tickets on the ticket lister widget on a entity screen the scrolling performance is very laggy. Even when grabbing the scroll bar on the right of the widget using a mouse or a finger with a touch screen the performance is delayed and jumpy. It also does not matter if it is a workstation or tablet. All are i5 with 8gigs of ram and running Windows 10.

Hmm I have never noticed that lag even with hundreds of test tickets on it as well as real tickets in my actual restaurant. Can you provide examples or more detail of your setup? How often are you refreshing it? Is it RDP or regular client? A video of it would help.

I just tested it with 242 tickets and its SUPER fast instant and smooth zero lag at all.

EDIT: Just for testing I set refresh to 1 second while having the 242 tickets on it… still super smooth and instant scroll.

EDIT: Mine is even calling scripts… and updating time etc…

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You need to provide more information:

  • Ticket Lister Widget Properties
  • Ticket Lister Widget Settings, including the full Template used
  • Terminal setup information: RDP or not, wired, wireless, etc.
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I will get screen shots when I get a chance. I can tell you tho. It doesn’t matter if it is local… Wired network or wireless tablet it all performs the same… Weird thing is that if the widget is in design mode and selected to edit the scrolling is much more responsive.

Let us know exactly which version you are running as well.

Latest version 5.1.58

Here is the template i am using for the tickets…

<L00>Customer:{ENTITY NAME:Customer}
<L00>Table:{ENTITY NAME:Customer Number}
<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
<L00>Ticket Type:{TICKET TAG:Ticket Type}


<J00>- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|**Void**

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}



Main entity screen with the ticket lister widget…

Also if I use the scroll wheel on a mouse it seems to scroll fine. Its really weird that I cant get it to scroll smooth with touch or mouse click and drag. But when editing the widget and trying to move it up and down it works fine. Also in other areas of the software menus and even tickets with large orders i can scroll just fine with finger or mouse. Its just this widget.

Well for anyone else with this issue, i tried increasing my refresh rate in the widget properties from 1 second to 30. It seems to have fixed the lag. My guess was it was trying to refresh the screen so much that it was keeping me from being able to scroll without it pausing.

Simply checking the Auto Refresh box and leaving the interval set to zero should work just fine. Have you tried setting it to 0 ?

I’ve tried this and it does allow me to scroll without issue but it does not update tickets on other stations. Setting it to 30 works fine. Problem was if you in the middle of a scroll and the widget refreshes it freezes for a second… When the refresh is set to 1 second it’s constantly pausing as you scroll so it can update the tickets.

Really? That doesn’t sound right. If Messaging Service is running properly, everything should update without any extra code (Rules/Actions).

Have you looked into using Tasks and Custom Task Printer instead of Ticket Lister? Or is there some reason Tasks won’t work for you?

If it simply a matter of re-jigging your setup to replace Ticket Lister with Tasks, I will say this: the Ticket Lister may well be “going the way of the do-do” in favor of using Tasks in the future (V6), so it might be something to seriously consider.

As an example, the Kitchen Display setup using Tasks is much simpler and more effective than the Ticket Lister setup we used in the past. Though Tasks may not yet have as much formatting support as the Ticket Lister, I believe Tasks are going to become a very robust feature in the future.

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