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First problem I have come across is that I can’t seem to get multiple states to work for Order State. I have tried separating the states with , and ; and it will not match. Also if the state has a space in it like ‘New Order’ it will not match.
While this is not a huge problem it has caused a re-think on my workflow - which at this point is not a bad thing.

Secondly, and probably more important is that when a Ticket State matches the Ticket Lister Widget but the Order State does not, the Ticket is still displayed (without any orders).
In theory you will not just list orders without ticket information, therefore I think that if only a Ticket State is set, then show the Ticket. But if an Order State is also set then both States must match to show the Ticket.

Second one is a great idea. Yes If there is no order that matches order state it might be better not to display ticket at all. I’ve changed it for next release.

I’m not sure why it does not matches if there is a space. That might be an encoding issue because I’m reading raw data for faster querying. I’ll check that.

Supporting multiple states is something we shouldn’t need on workflow based operations. If really needed we can talk about it through an example…

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Is it possible to use wild cards in the State and Order State fields in the widget?

Doesn’t it make it harder to manage? I assume you’ll need a lot of future features to match commands to states. Maybe you should display multiple ticket lister widgets on same screen…

Yes and no. It does depend on the workflow you are trying to achieve.

At this stage I am happy with my result but wondering if it could be simpler or easier another way.

Hello, I’ve implemented comma separated multiple state support for ticket lister widget. It will be available shortly with 4.1.29

Wildcard support is something we shouldn’t implement since SQL Server does not support some needed features so I need to fetch all tickets to test. However if needed we can implement it for order states.

What about using expressions like date ranges so we can show tickets for today, tomorrow and the next week ?

John this is not an easy task because we need a custom expression parser to translate expressions to code. Maybe we can implement specific settings for dates but as I can understand you mean something like rule expressions.

I get that it’s not easy due to the requirement of a parser.
So instead of modifying the current ticket lister, how about a new one specifically to list tickets with a state within a given date range ? And the date range will need to be dynamic, ie Today, Today+1, Today to Today+7, etc

I know this is bordering on reservation style requirements - actually it is reservation style :smiley:

And we would also need a Date Picker for an Automation Command or Ticket Tag.

And we would need to sort tickets by date as well.

Can you try typing {TICKET DATE} for Orderby setting? It should sort by date.

OK That was easier than I thought. At least SambaPOS infrastructure permits such modifications. I’ve added support for easily typing date expressions as TicketDate is Today+1 or TicketDate > Now. It supports much more than it seems so you can just ask me how specific filtering expressions (not wildcards :)) can be written…

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Very cool.
So what field do we use for date filtering ?
And how do we set the ticket date to a future date?

I’ve added Update Ticket Data action for More Ticket Actions module and it will be available with next update.

We’ll have Expression setting for Ticket lister and you’ll type filter expressions there.

Have you got any ideas on a date selector so we can set new ticket dates ?