Ticket listing filter stuck

I use the main Menu screen->tickets often to see overall total and also by tables. I don’t understand why sometimes the table filter set gets stuck, even after I clear the filter to see list of all tickets before going to back to the main Menu screen, when I return to tickets, the filter is set as before. I have seen at times this is not the behavior.

In the attached picture I am referring to [Table] =‘Swiggy’

Did you click refresh?..

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If you set a filter and then you logout and close SambaPOS and restart it that filter is set permanently unless you clear it then log out close SambaPOS and restart. So if you do not want the filters to be stuck then clear them before you logout or close SambaPOS.


Yes, did and even logged out.

Thanks, I was not closing it, though tried with logging out. It is fixed with filter cleared, logging out, closing SambaPos and restarting. Thank You very much.
It’s been a year of production use of SambaPos, and a great experience with both the product and support I receive. :smile:
Anil Sarin