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I have upgraded to Sambapos 4 and to an SSD hard disk. I am still facing hangs when using loop functions like select deliverer and settling all tickets.

Please let me know if I would have missed something when upgrading, or any solution to improve the speed of looping. Thanks

PS: I use 2 terminals, server is with SSD hard, message server is connected and I use SQLEXPRESS.

I think you may have changed something from the tutorial which is causing slow looping. You have not showing us anything. At least you have to show us what have changed from tutorial.

To rule out hardware, you may try to build another database from scratches. Follow tutorials to the T and see how it perform.

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Looping to settle all tickets is probably the slowdown. How many tickets are we talking about?

Please show us your rules and actions used in your setup. You can print screen and then paste them in a chat box here. I set your account permissions for posting pictures.

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Around 8 tickets are looped in average.

Selecting Deliverer is also very slow.

I am trying to test the Delivery setup, by removing all relevant Actions and Rules and starting all over again as Sukasem suggested.

Meantime I will post the screens as soon as possible.


It seems i had setup a Pizza Count for each customer, this was making the order placing slow, after removing overall POS is working well, only loop functions are slow. Nowadays, 15 to 20 tickets are looped together. I am trying to re setup the whole delivery after removing all actions rules, widgets, etc.

I noticed that the tutorial do not contain the screen for “Store Selected Deliverer”, I maybe using the wrong tutorial, let me know.


Tutorial Link

I have identified the problem which was making SambaPOS slow. I asked an IT engineer to check the server, and he showed that the database tables has been fragmented. after defragmenting the main tables like, Tickets, Ticket Entities, Entities SambaPOS is working really well.
Therefore it is best to regularly defrag the main tables in the database.
Hope this may be of help to anyone.

Cool tip @evail :sunglasses: any chances you can share the engineers process/commands used…

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I thought I would add that using an SSD harddrive would eliminate that issue as they do not fragment.