Ticket lost during change Table

This problem is very strange if I want to Change Table and click to button of change table and then do not change table and click on X close button then the ticket will be lost. This way another order can be placed on that table.

This is my table S1


You can see Table number is assigned to ticket
Now I will click on Change Table button

And here I will click on X button

Ticket will lost the Table entity and ticket will be close easily without entity.

As you can see.

Now i have to find ticket from Titicket timeline

This problem has been used for cheat by user. The ticket should not be closed without a entity or table. I want a solution from experts.

That is a designed feature it has always been there it is not a bug or issue in sambapos. Some people want that feature. You may need to think about your flow. That button is an X its designed to remove the entity if you want to remove it. What do you mean by cheat?

You can train them to use this button instead if they change their mind this is the button for that.

If you do not like how that screen is functioning you can always create a custom entity screen for that and create your own buttons with automation command buttons.

You can also use these role permissions. If you feel they are cheating somehow.


You said right This feature is usable and I need it too. But the problem I’m talking about, It is not in the default data as you can see in the animation.

GIF 12-30-2021 9-31-30 PM

You can see that ticket is not closing without a table but in my system the ticket closes without a table.

You probably have a ticket tag in your system. It will allow that. To close a ticket you either need to have 1. an Entity or 2. a Ticket Tag

None of this is a bug or issue with SambaPOS but I did provide you a few methods you can look at. The user permissions sounds like what you need.

Ok I see you are right… but Can I make it necessary to have a table with ticket tag.

You can build automation on the close ticket rule add a constraint that checks if there is an entity… if no entity it wont allow.

Something like {ENTITY NAME:Tables} Is Not Null

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