Ticket/Menu numberpad input focus disables backspace/delete

Is there any reason why after searching a product name the keyboard backspace/del is disabled after the focus switches to the numberpad input field?

FYI I’m hitting backspace/delete after field has focus. You can however add more characters after the field has focus.

I just tried it and notice the same, so probably the backspace/delete key is being handled differently so focus is not needed, but then when you have focus on the field its conflicting with that behaviour.

However I don’t think this is an issue really? Clicking the X does not make it focus, so its only if you specifically click on the field that it will focus. Being able to edit a search (i.e. the only reason I can guess where you would need to focus the field) is not really important on a quick search feature whereas the functionality without focus is more important.

Unless the focus is used for something else, you only lose functionality when this field has focus. It had me confused for a minute when I clicked it by accident. You should still be able to delete characters if a field has focus.

Unless there is a different use case this doesn’t make sense.

There is no other field that can exist on the POS screen, so this is not a concern. The only place this happens is on that field on the POS screen.

Pretty sure the reason it works the way it does is so it is fully compatible with the on screen keypad, which when touched will take focus away from the field (like you can add your own backspace/delete key to a custom keyboard). Since this is the way the majority of people will be interacting with the POS screen, it’s critical that works as expected.