Ticket not showing in lister when entered via API

Delivery tickets that come in via the API are not showing on the ticket lister. Pickup tickets show no problem.

When created within SambPOS the ticket shows.
Ticket Id: 3258 is from API
Ticket Id: 3259 is from SambaPOS


API created states:

{"D":"\/Date(1604003510582-0600)\/","S":"Waiting","SN":"Kitchen State","SV":""}

SambaPOS created Ticket:

{"D":"\/Date(1604003526134-0600)\/","S":"Waiting","SN":"Kitchen State","SV":""},

I manually changed the order of the states for the API order thinking it may be an order issue with the states and it made no difference.

API created ticket:

Manually created ticket:

Widget settings:

Everything state-wise seems identical and I’m stuck.


Are you using terminal ticket method? What happen if you clear order state field?

I’m using createTerminalTicket and states are set via automation when ticket is created. I’m not setting any states when updating the ticket.

Try clearing order state from widget, I use almost the same flow as you with pickup and delivery Ticket and tickets show in lister

Thank you!