Ticket notes per Food Item In Samba POSV5.0

How to Write Note to Ticket and to Order in Per Items But not the order tag ones?

Can you explain a little more what you are trying to do? What information are you wanting to write?

Hi Bob_be,

I am trying to have a note/instruction for the chef about the particular item. For example, If I have an item called chicken curry with a request to put no ginger, I would like to put the note directly below the item, and not as a ticket note as a whole.

So ticket should look like below

1 x chicken curry
Note: No Ginger
1 x Rice

Thank you

I think you want Order Tags (more commonly known as modifiers). You can predefine order tags or type in your own as you place the order (call free tagging).

You will find order tags under Manage->Tickets-Order Tags->Add Order Tag Group

There is a lot of posts on Order Tags on the forum. Here are 2 posts to look through to get an idea on how to configure order tags:

and this one:

As suggested freetag and put Note: {0} in the format field is you want note as a prefix to the note.

Thank you I will try with prefix. Is there a way to have pre-defined modifier along with a free tag/modifier? I was thinking to pre-define most commonly used ones, so the waiters can choose free ones only if they do not have the pre-defined ones.

Free tag and predefined are typically seperste tags but can be configured in many ways.

There might be a little confusion about the term “Free Tagging”. This is referencing permission and not price. “Free Tagging” will give the waiter the permission to enter their own order tags…order tags that are not listed as buttons. They can also set the price for the free tag. “Save Free Tag” will save the Free Tag that was entered by the waiter and make it available for future orders along with the price (if any).

You will want to list your order tags (modifiers) in the Order Tag List tab. You can also set a price for each tag…positive and negative to increase or reduce the price.

Prefix List is a list of words that will go in front of the order tag on the order screen. Instead having to list out all your order tags (ginger, onions, ketchup…etc) and having every variation like No Ginger, No onions, No ketchup, Extra ginger, Extra onions, Extra ketchup. A list like this can get very long. You can define prefix as No, Extra, Light. When ordering, prefix button will be at the top of the screen. You select the prefix then the order tag. If a prefix is not needed, you don’t have to select it.

You can auto select order tags in the Manage->Products->Menu List-><menu category>->Edit Product Properties.

Under the Order Tag column, you can list the automatic order tags in comma separated form.

When adding the item to the ticket, these order tags will automatically selected.