Ticket Number Configuration

Can i configure ticket numbering to start at 29119 and not at 1 since i want to use my old order slips until they ran out. Im ready to go live thanks

If you are familiar with SQL you can run this SQL Script to set Ticket Number generator value.

:warning: Never use it to update it to zero or past values on production system since it leads to duplicate ticket numbers

Update Numerators set Number = 29119 where Name = 'Ticket Number Generator'

Not familiar but ill try. it would be easier to update it to zero since i bought the database tools.
This means that im not going to do anything on samba but instead update my database and in doing so im gonna need a database editor?

can i do this anytime without affecting my previous record just in case i go live now while learning how to implement yyour script. thanks

can i use database tools module on this?

Yes you can use database tools.

  • Open [MyDocuments]\SambaPOS4\Database Tasks folder.
  • Create a new file and name it as [CBL]Reset Ticket Number Generator.sql. Be sure it’s extension is .sql

  • Edit that file with a text editor (notepad) add that script and save it.

Update Numerators set Number = 29119 where Name = 'Ticket Number Generator'

  • When you open database tools you should see your script listed here. Be sure Task Type is SQL.

Click on that task and click Execute Task button.

With that method you can run any sql snippet we release here.

Note: For anyone interested [CBL] part means Confirm, Backup, Logout and you can execute tasks with Execute Database Task action.

having database tools makes everything easy. thanks emre btw im using 4.1.42 version if i update it to 4.1.55 will my work and other configuration be affected?

Of course by releasing new versions we intend to fix issues and keep everything working fine. However this is software so very rarely we may encounter small issues. Feel free to upgrade and try to keep your system updated but always create a backup and if you see something does not work…

  • Install working version.
  • Restore your backup.
  • Let me know the issue and I’ll quickly fix that.

and if i update do i have to reinstall or reactivate the modules i bought or i need to buy a new one?

We’ll update modules automatically and of course you don’t need to buy them again.

The only thing you need to be careful about updates is if you have a multi terminal environment be sure to update all terminals.

hi emre i implemented the script and the ticket number became 129178 instead of 29178 do you know why

and the following number returns to 2

the number printed on the ticket is 1 instead of 29178

It may not make any difference but I noticed your running CE. I would recommend you run SQL EXPRESS

if its not possible with CE can i just revert it back so it would go back to 1

Hi emre may i ask why is it that my ticket number is not consecutive. some ticket numbers are missing. when i review my tickets i see tickets from 1 to 9 and then ticket number 10 is missing then i see ticket number 11 to 15 then ticket number 16 is also missing?

at the end of my implementation some ticket numbers are gone.

Can you list all tickets and put a screenshot here?

the issue has disappeared when i removed the [CBL]Reset Ticket Number Generator.sql task and executed the clear database transactions thank you

I think executing Clear Database Transactions is what did it honestly. I dont think removing the task did it because tasks in there do nothing unless you execute them.

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@chair fyi: When you move orders across tickets new tickets receives new numbers and old empty tickets closes. When you list open tickets you may think numbers skipped.

that exactly what happened. perhaps i just got exited as its my first day to go live.