Ticket Number or any reference number on Payment Screen


How do I display the ticket id or a unique reference number on the Payment Screen?

Am I able to customise the ticket id into let’s say YY.MM.{{Ticket.id}}?


Doubt you’ll be able to use custom ID as this value links everything together in the database.
ID is not generally a visible aspect and only typically used in automation.
Ticket number has some level of customisability but not sure to that level.
You could use a ticket tag using the format you describe.

Hi @JTRTech,

I would want to have reference number before making a payment to am external payment processor.

This should appear on the Payment Screen. Any reference for this?


You need it visible or available for use in automation.
All the above would be available in automation.
Being visible might be little different.
If nothing else you could update shell title of loading payment screen from ticket.
You could display in a popup/ask question.

Yeah managed to generate and show on orderline. Am trying out how to show on payment screen.

Right now had installed the configuration to have confirmation message on every payment process.

Else, a workaround will have to be closing the ticket first to get the ticket number before settling the amount using credit card.