Ticket numbering not working on MC3

Hi there,
I created a custom numbering system following this article: 2.4.14.a. How to Add Customer Sequence Number Print? – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

The issue is that I can’t use this numeration method if using the Mobile Client 3 application, since it seems that cannot increase the counter on my SambaPOS Server.

To be sure I also created a custom action, whose unique purpose was to increase and assign the new ticket number. As I expected, it works on my SambaPOS PC app but not on my MC3 instance.

Any ideas on how to solve it?

You may need to experiment with different rule events. Mobile client doesn’t follow the exact same events.

Instead of Ticket Created rule try using Ticket Closing rule

I don’t think it’s a problem in that sense, because I tried creating a button dedicated to ticket increment (for testing purposes). When i tap it on my mobile device, nothing happens and the ticket number does not increment.

I think it’s an issue related to the fact that the ticket number is a program setting (in fact the action executes the “Update program setting” blueprint), and the MC3 client does not have knowledge about ticket tags…

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After further investigations it seems that SambaPOS MC3 does not support the “Program Setting” procedures… I’ve already written to the support. I hope that it will be fixed soon, since we are currently paying 2 x 50$ licenses for two tablets for a serious incomplete version of the application… The desktop app is very well-done, so I hope to get updates soon.


This should be solved still but I got my solution.

the issue has not been solved yet. SambaPOS support told me that they added this feature to the implementation checklist for MC3.

It is in the roadmap. No eta yet.

@Sharpewilsey what do you propose?