Think the +/- needs some thinking, definitely need either a disable or an event to capture because ticket total changed may have it place but often to broader event with far too many triggers for some things.

But actually, you can calculate once before ticket close since this is new order. So, order need to be submitted before settle?

But before ticket close is no place for update calculation on bar style service. Similar to submit button

dont know what is your flow not exactly before ticket closing. Maybe ticket open. or when ticket status New Orders have another state Calculation need. When next ticket open check this state.

Bar type sale is ring in and cash off, no ticket closing.
Bar side is mostly drinks only over the bar, not table and generally no tabs.

Guess I’m stuck with a manual update discounts button :frowning:

That mean you not really track per customer or per ticket, you just want the total discount for the day? Can’t it just use report for that at the end of the day?

Like item sales report with tag REGdiscount.

Wait, actually, the price on the ticket is discount price already. Why can’t you tag the discount total at before ticket closing and remaining 0. Select all orders and loop orders. you already have order state with discount rate. loop QTY * discount rate for each item. No need to care about +/- becuase the price is correct anyway.

You can disable the +/- buttons in User Role permissions.

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REALLY!!! When did that happen…

Change Quantity permissions were added in 5.1.62 (I think).

There are 2 options for the Quantity permission. I don’t know what the difference is between them, but one of them for sure disables the +/- buttons, while the other one does not.

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Great, well with that I can go about it differently and avoid time key total changed and instead update state value on order added and qty changed by setting either custom +/- buttons or what I will do which will be a change qty button with prompt I recon and since they will be automation commands will be able to trigger state value then refresh discount calculation. :slight_smile: