Ticket Order Total Expression

Hi guys,
I have a constraint like this :

[=TN(‘{TICKET ORDER TOTAL EXP:(ODI=True) && (OS.GStatus=!Gift) && (OrderTag.TagName=!Diskon New Product)}’)]

What i want is a total for not gift item and not discount item (the discount item i use order tag group called “Diskon New Product”)

But that constraint didn’t work at (OrderTag.TagName=!Diskon New Product)

Hope you can help me guys,


I think that report is ticket related and you are using order related expressions.

Try this report:
{ORDER DETAILS:O.TotalPrice:(ODI=True) && !(OS.GStatus=Gift) && !(OT.<TagName>=<OrderTagValue>)}

<TagName> is the Tag Group Name.

<OrderTagValue> is the Order Tag List Tag

It looks like you are trying to calculate the order total for items that are not gifts and do not have the order tag “Diskon New Product” applied to them. The syntax you used for the constraint, specifically (OrderTag.TagName=!Diskon New Product), may not be correct. Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Make sure the order tag name is spelled correctly, including any spaces or capitalization. You can check the exact name of the tag in the Order Tags section of your POS system.
  2. Try using the “NOT” operator before the order tag name, like this: “!(OrderTag.TagName=Diskon New Product)”. This should exclude any items that have the “Diskon New Product” tag.

Here’s an example of what your new constraint might look like:

[=TN(‘{TICKET ORDER TOTAL EXP:(ODI=True) && (OS.GStatus=!Gift) && !(OrderTag.TagName=Diskon New Product)}’)]

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or issues.