Ticket Printer doesnt print

I am having trouble printing the receipts the just simply wont print. I have tried DEMO Printer and my actual thermal printer but nothing I have compared the sample SAMBA POS data but nothing. The kitchen tickets work perfectly.

This is how you can troubleshoot problems like this:

  1. First start with windows. Go to windows printers, right click on the printer click properties then print test page.

  2. If that works go into samba and make sure you setup receipt printer correctly. (you could go to kitchen printer and change the printer to the one that isn’t working and see if it printers your kitchen orders to it, if it does that means you didn’t setup your receipt printer correctly)

  3. After you check printers, go to printer templates and make sure that the template is linked to your reciept printer.

  4. Check that your rules and actions are setup correctly so that a print job is sent when you close a ticket or hit an automation command button.

If you started with the default samba database, all you should have to do is go under printers and select your printer.



I was able to print a test pag, it also print the kitchen orders. How can I make sure that the template is linked to my printer. @eddhasaj

Ensure you have your receipt printer set to print tickets then you need to create a print job and add you ticket template to it and set it to use the ticket printer

Then you need to create a print job action and set you print job that you just created in that action

Then create a rule, add the print job action and set it to when you want it to print for example payment processed or ticket closed

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