Ticket printer ? What brand or model to choose?

Hello everyone,
I have to buy one or two ticket printers for my restaurant in Malta.
I have to connect SambaPOS.
For don’t make a mistake, what printer do you recommend ?
I don’t want to buy a toy or printers too expensive.
POS printers wifi working well?
In advance thank you for your reply.

We have started with Star TSP100 TSP143U, USB Receipt Printer and works well with SAMBAPOS.
We are useing to print receipt and kitchen tickets… no issues, stright forward to configure…
You can go with any EPOS receipt printers they will all work.

I use Epson TM-T20 USB, not the fastest of the Epson range but good value, and it has full driver support for Win7/8.
They cost around AU$200.
You can get these in Ethernet as well and they can be wall mounted.

i use generic brand derived from Epson and use epson tm virtual port driver to port it into COM connection and it works well with command but harder to configure