Ticket printing based on order number

Read this one about grouping on ticket printing. https://sambapos.org/en/content/grouping-ticket-printer-template

I want to group based on order number. For example a customer ordered a coffee (which is first order) and next customer joins and ordered a coffee (which is the second). I want to show these two orders separately when printing the bill. Let me know if there’s any way I can do this.

You mean 1 bill show 1x coffee and 1x coffee or 2 bill.

If 1 bill, try change merge option in printer themplate.

In a single bill I want to show different orders as they are entered in the system.

If 1 bill, try change merge option in printer themplate.

Please read this first and you’ll what I’m talking about: https://sambapos.org/en/content/grouping-ticket-printer-template1

Bad link it’s not pulling anything. Did you try what Sukasem said?


you’ll what I’m talking about:

I know what you are talking about but I think you don’t know you are asking about.

Grouping and merge line is not the same.

This is good example of how to not get help.
Please stop posting link and expecting ppl will read the whole thread and try to guess what was you doing wrong.
Posting your setup and result