Ticket printing IF/ELSE operators

Hi everybody,
I would like to use IF / ELSE operators in Ticket Templates if it’s possible / exists.
The idea is that SambaPOS will be connected to a fiscal printer - Sambapos will write a file with the products, the total and i need to run an EXE.
The problem is that the fiscal printer’s last parameter for every product is DEPARTMENT NO. - there are three departments: bar (1), kitchen(2), delivery(3).
So is there any solution for my problem? Maybe with product tags, or something.

Thank you!

Search for Ternary Expression and you will find a bit of info on how to incorporate into a Template.


lol. i didn’t found it. Thanks @pauln !

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The Ternary operator is not available in V4. You will need to upgrade to V5 for that feature.

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