Ticket printing problems

I have problems with ticket printing
Prints 2 ticket then remains spooled


  • Updating Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.
  • Reinstalling Printers.
  • Change printer cable (USB).
  • Desactive Bidirectional communication.
  • Search professional help, but still I do not solve my problem.

I have two Printers thermal BIXOLON SRP 270
It is important because the restaurant is open, and is a problema.que not print in kitchen creates disorder and confusion.

@ERME knows everything and sees everything.

I wonder if it will be terminal problem?

if its print spooler issue u can start it manual if that happened from control panel go to administrative tools then service and choose print spooler and right click and press start

If it is showing in your print que/spool then it isn’t going to be a samba issue as the ticket has already come out of samba and at that point is in windows.

can not be restarted manually I have to restart the computer to print tickets that are queued

maybe this thread can help later, your suggestions are welcome.

Ive not had this issue on a till to date but did have similar at local business I support and I did as samy sugested and go into services and restart the print spooler (if thats is what the problem is)

a possible solution

scheduled task to restart spooler every 2min

Wouldnt call that a solution but maybe a temp patch.
You need to find the cause of the problem, the problem will be within windows, maybe bad drivers.?!?..

How about print directly to printer option in windows? No spooler.

Possibly problem drivers

Windows Scheduled Tasks

No printer property has this option. Open same printer property as you set bidirectional option but different tab.

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'll try
and I tell you