Ticket printing template

Hi I wish to be guided on how to print previous orders separated with new order for the same ticket

Does the topic your other post is in not offer sugestion already.

Also FYI tutorial topic is for posting tutorials, not requesting them or asking questions. Have changed topic for you to question
Please don’t duplicate post, it wont get you quicker answer, more likely the opposite.

Hi I am not able to get how I should do this. Is there any tutorial on grouping that can help me do this especially grouping using status as new order or send order?

There is many discussions about this if you compare it to grouping orders by course for kitchen print.

Sugest doing a few searches on forum as it’s common subject.
4th/5th result for order grouping is a semi tutorial from emre on exact subject.

Its grouping by tag and v4 however changing to status isn’t complex.

What I need is a different. I want to print a ticket in this scenario. Lets say a customer comes and order a bottle of beer. we book the order and print it. Then the same customer after consuming the bottle orders two packet of juice, so we go back to the same ticket and add the two packet of juice. Now when it comes to printing we need to print the updated ticket showing the previous order and new order. Now I am using [ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:Status] then [ORDERS GROUP:SUBMITTED] and [ORDERS GROUP:NEW]. but it does not print the grouping. any Idea on this.


However your issue might just be because you spelled SUBMITTED in all caps… its actually Submitted. Case sensitivity is important throughout SambaPOS

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It has work. Thank you very much it has coursed me the whole day today.