Ticket printing

Reading what you posted above i thought your issue was with selecting ticket printer the cash drawer wont open which is what you said!

Are you not using ticket printer as the setup to print receipts then? You use windows printer setup instead?

If receipt prints the correct size when you select ticket printer why not just leave it set as ticket printer and add the open drawer action so it opens?? Then it will works as you want

Ok Sorry for any confusion.
I have tried both ways.
Both print ticket printer correct font but will not open drawer.
windows printer which is the only printer connected open the drawer but the font is too big each line is printed over 3 lines.
I have tried all I can in changing the font size in the template using but nothing changes it.
could I make the ticket printer do the tickets but have the windows printer open the drawer?
how would this be for receipt on cash?

on the left windows printer on the right ticket printer

Have you tried this kick code?


Try that, instead of simply <XCT>7

If that doesn’t work…

Have you tried HTML Printer? If not, give it a go to see if the output is Ok and the drawer kicks.

If the drawer kicks, but the font is no good, you can alter it using CSS HTML tags within the Template, for example:

<div style="font-family:Consolas;font-size:13">


<span style="font-size:9">

Note the <div> tags. It sets the overall Ticket Font Face and Size.
Later the <span> tags set the font Size to a smaller value for Order Tags.

This produces output like this:

If you still have wrapping of lines occurring, lower the Character Count in the Printer:

Ok tried first to change the <XCT>
just printed the 7 character
no drawer movement

with html, no drawer movement nothing printed and watching my printer properties see a document go in to the spooler and straight out again. but nothing on drawer

Please post your Printer Template here.

And have your created an Open Drawer button?

Why not just have the ticket printer print the receipt AND open the drawer? either set the printer to automatically kick the drawer when a receipt prints (set up using the printers software) OR create the open drawer print job and add it to the payment processed rule, that way when payment is processed your receipt will print and the drawer will open.

What do you mean “how would this be for receipt on cash?”

Sure, why not. Just do as @RickH says. Set up 2 printers, 2 Templates, 2 Print Jobs.

Fire both Print Jobs when the Ticket is Settled.

Yes this worked perfectly

ok tried both options and both failed. had to reboot the system as the printer just printed about 2ft of rubbish just control characters so will have to try again I have just removed printer from system and restarted, reloaded and started again, in the configuration screens the test open the drawer perfectly, I can see no way of setting it to open drawer on print finishing.
I am using the latest printer driver from star for a windows 7 system so that should not be an issue.
I don’t know where to go now as we seem to be going round in circles on this issue, as I say Yes I did complete the open drawer button perfectly and it worked but only for the windows printer, as soon as I tried to change to the ticket printer it fails.
what do I do next? as I have no hair left to pull!

Show us some screenshots of your Printers, Printer Templates, and Print Jobs. Also show screenshots of your rule that handles the Print Job. Show the Rule that handles the drawer kick as well.

Ok as wanted

Your ticket template doesnt seem to have your command code to open the cash drawer in it, i know you have a separate one for manual opening the drawer when pressing the button so you can either add that action into a payment processed rule OR just add the open drawer command to the top of your ticket template to fire the drawer when receipt prints

I know its late but could you just show me where to put it into the template? or what to type into it?
I have been working on this all day and I think I have tried everything but, I am open to your suggestions.
thanks for your patience.

You can put your drawer kick code virtually anywhere in your template. I suggest you put it at the top:




Sorry tried both and it prints ticket perfectly but no drawer opening, is it something to do with the printer setup configuration? which mode should I set I have tried both
Star line mode (default)
ESC/POS mode
is there anything else in this module that can change anything?
during the time I have tried several combinations for the drawer opening but after a couple of different tests it prints an armful of rubbish and I then have to reset the whole machine/system to get it back to just a ticket print.

Your sure your kick code is correct?

I looked it up on the recommended site and it works from the windows side???

Star TSP 100 7 27,100 from http://keyhut.com/popopen.htm

try 27,7,11,55,7 ?