{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status} not updating

Setting up a kitchen display.
In ticket lister I use “{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}” to show how long ago the ticket was created. My problem is that the number doesent update, its simply stung on one value.
If I leave the enity screen and switch back, or enter design mode and switch back, the number does update and show correct information. After that it simply doesent updates every minute.

What am I doing wrong? Is some kind of timer for updating neccessary?

Be sure Auto Refresh is enabled for the widget and set a refresh time in seconds. Enter design mode and right click widget then select properties its at bottom.

Brilliant! Thank you!

On refresh the selected ticket becomes un-selected. That means if the auto refresh-time is to short its hard to first select a ticket and then klick “Ticket ready”-button…

Is the only answer to this to have a longer auto-refresh-time, or is there any other solution?

TICKET STATE MINUTES will only update every minute anyway… Setting it to 60 seconds or so should be fine.

One more question:
If I like to sort the tickets by how many minutes in “{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}”… well how to do that?

I have tried put “{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}” in the field “Order by name”-field in the settings for the widget, with no luck. Any suggestions?

By default its going to sort based on when it was created. What are you trying to achieve?

I am trying to make a list of álready done (and paid) tickets ordered in a way that the most recently ready ticket comes first (the one that most recently got marked as ready, or most recently sent out from the kitchen to use other words)

Hope that makes sense, otherwise I try to explain with an example. :smile:

Just to claify about the “paid” part. I meant paid or not paid… but that part I already got sorted out. The correkt tickets are shown, now its all about the sorting…